Great design is timeless.

Write something worth reading, or do something worth writing.

Benjamin Franklin

Speech is to persuade, to convert, to compel.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Ash Mashhadi is the founder Partner of successful Plymouth-based web design and digital agency, Design Inspiration. They have been designing websites for small and medium-sized businesses for over 27 years. Design Inspiration are known for creating compelling websites that are beautiful as well as perfectly in tune with your business aims.

Social Media

Ash is considered to be a respected social media specialist. He often acts as a social media mentor for entrepreneurs and small businesses. He is known for challenging small and medium-sized businesses to achieve more than they think they can and helps them stand out from their competitors online.

Marketing Videos

Need to stand out? Fed up with explaining what you do over and over again? Or just need a really fun creative marketing video that isn’t just another collection of talking heads? Design Inspiration’s Marketing Videos help businesses explain difficult concepts through compelling 60-second visual stories.

Make your business stand out online

Connect with Ash Mashhadi if you need to use your website and your social media to stand out and attract potential clients. Ash is an expert at helping business stand out – for the right reasons.

Ash is often invited to speak to small businesses on the subjects of online marketing, social media, brand building, networking, and content marketing. He is a lively and entertaining speaker who is known for challenging his audiences.

Ash is available for expert media comment on web design and social media. He has appeared on BBC TV’s “News at Ten” as well as BBC Radio and Channel Five’s “The Hotel Inspector”. Ash is a highly-regarded and prolific business writer and is a contributing author for publications and websites worldwide.

The Pocket Guide for Nervous Networkers

The Pocket Guide for Nervous Networkers

If you dread networking events but have to attend them for the sake of your business or career, this book is perfect for you.

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