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Nervous about networking?

Now you can have a networking expert in your pocket. 

Nervous about networking?

Now you can have a networking expert in your pocket.

The Pocket Guide for Nervous Networkers

Sick of being left out at networking events? Tired of being the one nobody talks to? Don’t know how to create a pitch that is authentic and memorable? Effective networking is a skill that is vital for business and career success. This 238 page book teaches you:

  • how to prepare
  • conversation starters
  • using social media
  • following up

My face lit up when I saw this book! I’m a networking ‘oldie’, so what made me buy this book? When I became self employed there was no hiding behind the brand – there was just me. Throughout the past few years I have developed a relatively good method for networking. However, on opening this book I realised that there is always room for improvement.

I opened the book on the page ‘your strongest networking asset is your smile’ and then I grinned! Ash had me hooked. The book is very supportive of networkers old and new. I thoroughly recommend it!

Sam Cross

The Independent Living Advisor

An Expert in Your Pocket

Imagine having your own personal business networking mentor. Someone who has been networking for years and is willing to share his tips with you. Imagine having a wealth of tips and tactics for overcoming your nerves. That’s what this book does for you.

Some of the ways The Pocket Guide for Nervous Networkers will help you:

  • how to prepare
  • doing your homework
  • conversation starters
  • what to say when conversation dries up
  • how to make sure everyone talks to you
  • using social media
  • how to open doors before you talk
  • following up the next day
  • how to avoid being forgotten
  • how to take your connections to the next level

4 compelling reasons to buy this book

4 compelling reasons to buy this book

4 compelling reasons to buy this book

Increased confidence
The most successful networkers all share one important quality. They know why they are there and are confident that they can help people in their network. This book is a treasure-trove of tips to increase your networking confidence. From getting ready beforehand, to knowing what to say, all the way to following up and showing you how to turn a connection into a potential client.
Straight to the point
This book is unique. You won’t have to read a thousand words before you find something you can use. Open it anywhere and you’ll find an action you can take, or a tip you can employ right away. Designed to be your networking companion, this guide becomes more valuable over time by adding your own notes to it. The Pocket Guide for Nervous Networkers is perfect for newbies but also holds insights for more experienced networkers.
Career success
If you think promotions are handed out based on seniority, you’re dead wrong. Neither is upward progression dictated by who you know. It’s more about who knows you. As long as you remain a hidden asset within your organisation, profession or industry you’ll stay where you are. Ability alone is not enough, you have to make sure that you build the right relationships too, and that means knowing how to network effectively.

This is true for new recruits too. For recent graduates, competition to find the right employer can be brutal. One of the most powerful ways to be noticed by potential employers is through relationship-building. Few students take the time to learn how to network with purpose. This book is perfect for recent graduates who are trying to stand out in the job market.

Brand building
Whether you are trying to launch a new business, break into new markets, or establish your personal brand, you simply have to master networking. All marketing, PR, and sales begin with building valuable networks. Your personal network can give you access to places and people you wouldn’t otherwise have a hope of getting to.  Being part of a brand that is known is like having the key to the most important doors in business. This book will give you the basic skills you need to establish your brand and extend its reach.

This is a great handy sized guide that gives easy to use techniques and tips for success at any networking event. Even though I have been to numerous networking events and enjoy networking, I will keep a copy of this guide by my side. There are hidden nuggets even if you consider yourself to be an experienced networker.

I wish this guide had been available when I first started finding my way around the networking space.

Paul Cook


3 more reasons…

3 more reasons…

3 more reasons…

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